Summer Fun With Pink Elephant

Kesä hauskaa vaaleanpunaisen norsun kanssa_035

POISON ROUGE Qebehut Headpiece – Gold … made by Shena Neox.
Purchased at the current round of We Love Role-Play, which is open February 4th though until February 28th. NEW.
We Love Role-Play

Astara – Cyber Visor … made by AlexBailey UwU (formerly AstaraBonnibelle Resident). Originally purchased at The Liaison Collaborative in September 2019. Available now on Second Life MarketPlace:
Astara – Cyber Visor

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap
GENUS Project – Genus Eyes v1.4
GENUS Project – Genus Jaws v1.1 … made by Genusproject Resident.
GENUS Project – Head Alpha … made by Genusproject Resident.

!dM Lamia – NagaTongue **FANGED SERPENT** … made by Chandra Meehan.

{ wren’s nest } TESS proportional shape for Genus Baby Face … made by WrenNoir Cerise. Purchased in December 2019 but modified by moi.

**RE** Innamorata Necklace … made by crashnoww Resident.

Wicca’s Originals – Kylie Bra & Cover … made by Redclaw Inshan.

*EB* – Panties – Red – “Cherry” – Maitreya … made by Elagantia Resident.

AZOURY – Chthonic Maitreya : Lara {L} – Onyx Gold … made by Anikin Seetan.
AZOURY – Chthonic Maitreya : Lara {R} – Onyx Gold … made by Anikin Seetan.

Animosity – Ring Light Pose Pack w/Props (Female Vers) … all worn on Skull.

Animosity – Extra Light (Local Light)

Animosity – Extra Light – Butterfly Effect (Local Light)

Animosity – Extra Light – Flood Light Projector … made by Retrograde Mercury.

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