Roodkapje en de Boze Wolf

Roodkapje en de Boze Wolf


Roodkapje is wearing :
Dress : Miamai – Blanchette – Red (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Hairflowers : Enfant Terrible – Forest Flowers Red (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Fur on shoulders : Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl – Brown
Hair : Tableau Vivant – Ophelia Hair – Summer (at C88)
Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Mesh doll avi: *Coco*_Doll – head 001V
Basket : Anc – Rattenbag – Littlered (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)

Boze Wolf is wearing :
Ears :
Mesh doll avi: *Coco*_Doll – head 001V, with monster limbs
Black body suit : *Coco*_Doll
Hair : Shi Hair – Blown – Monochrome
Wolf mask : Kalopsia (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)

All the wonderful props are from Kalopsia : the tiled floor, chairs with poses, trophy wolf head, wolf mask,hanging tree.


We’re Not Afraid of No Sharks

We're Not Afraid of No Sharks

Keen aficionados of 1980’s American movies might notice that there is more than a nod in the title of this blog post to the refrain from the 1984 classic “Ghostbusters”, with the catchphrase “I ain’t afraid of no ghost” as sung by Ray Parker Jr. on the movie soundtrack. And doesn’t everyone love “Ghostbusters”?

I shot this picture in the Black Basalt Beach SIM. Many thanks to SIM owner, Rosy Highwater, who has made rezz rights available at the SIM if you join her inworld group and pay a small 100 linden joining fee.

This is your taxi to the location:

So what is Alles wearing:

* ~Tableau Vivant~ Brickworks Hair – Cowl up … made by M4ri1yn Magic. Currently aavailable at The Seasons Story. NEW.
More information here:

* -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Artic 06 A skin … purchased at the Cosmetic Fair Winter Edition which runs until January 31st. NEW.

* (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]FANTASY_ELF_Ears … purchased on MarketPlace. I love them!!

* – Glam Affair – Shironuri lashes 1 – azure … made by M4ri1yn Magic. I bought them at The Seraphim Social in December 2013 but they are now available at the Glam Affair store in Beauty Avatar Couture. NEW-ISH!

* classic gen4 – early frost – large bright eyes … made by Lano Ling (Poetic Colors).

* -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – azure … made by Aida Ewing. Purchased in May 2011.

* Maitreya Vintage Collar – Seashell S/S+ … made by Onyx LeShelle. Purchased at the current round of Collabor88. I took the accompanying pearls off but I rather liked wearing the collar with the Tableau Vivant cowl and hair. NEW.

* [AD] 50’s mesh swimsuit BLUE 220 … made by Aliza Karu. This was released back in late July 2013 (the northern summer) and Kynne blogged it the time but I didn’t get around to shooting it as it seemed a bit odd to be doing a swimsuit photo-shoot in what was still my Real Life winter season. It’s a really cute retro swimsuit though and I wish I had donned it back then!! 😀
You can see Kynne wearing it here …

* Evillast Right Glove(hand) and Evillast Right Glove(wrist). Purchased in December 2010 and still the best boxing gloves in Second Life, I think!!

* Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual – Left Hand.

* Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Mid … worn with nails made by Anjali Insoo. These are tinted via a HUD which is listed as nine inch nails – TOE-HUD fades bigpack1. The colour I am wearing is 7 as it kinda matches my Glam Affair lipstick.

The props that I used in this picture are:

* Asylum Girl … made by Raya Jonson. Purchased on MarketPlace. It is Copy, which is very useful if you wanted to create an “army” of asylum girls to keep your apartment safe!!

* !O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: Queen] RARE … made by Anya Ohmai.

* piglet 2010 nt 4 … made by Jon Haskell. Purchased on MarketPlace as part of a pack of five little pigs.

* Shark Sign on Post – Sharks may be present … made by Photon Pink.

The pose I used was Corpus . 070 by Diconay Boa. I bought it in January 2012 as part of an “old poses going cheap” deal at her store.

Little Red Ridinghood at Enchanted

Little Red

Little Red on a break

Little Red Ridinghood at Enchanted
Dress : La Petite Morte – Lil Red Dress (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Hooded Sweater : ::BB :: – Little Red Hoodie sweater (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Ballerina’s : Enfant Terrible – Ribbon Ballerina flower – Red (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Basket : *LpD* – Little Red bag (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Hair : Exile – Falling for You – Naturals
Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Mesh doll avi: *Coco*_Doll – head 001V
Wolves : Ca.Co Captivity Co – My wolf. The Wolf comes with 6 poses (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Pose by : Infiniti – Running Scared (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)
Pic taken at Enchanted (Enchanted opens Feb 1st)

The Queens of Lotus Flower

The Queens of Lotus Flower

Good friends are what makes for a good life both in the real world and in this virtual life that we lead in Second Life. And I’m lucky to have a little circle of friends in the digital realm who are always there with their support and kindness and love.

Anyway, Eurydice and I had been meaning to do a picture in these wonderful Maitreya gowns for a little while and finally got together today to do a shoot.

Eurydice is wearing:

* Glam Affair – Amberly (Europa 02 D) skin

* D!va Hair – Flora Type B (Moon Stone)

* RO – Love Donna Flora Crown

* Ikon – Promise Eyes (Nymph) @Fameshed

* Mandala – Female Fantasy Elf Ears … purchased on MarketPlace.

* Miriel Enfield – Glamourous Lashes (no longer available)

* Tuli – Parted lips 1 (free on Marketplace)

* Gos – Barefeet (Arched)

* Maitreya – Vintage Lace Gown (Raven) … purchased at Collabor88. NEW

* Maitreya – Vintage Collar and Pearls (Black) … purchased at Collabor88. NEW

* Slink Hands – Casual

* Hello Dave – Nails for Slink Hands (marketplace)

Alles is wearing:

“”D!va”” Hair “Astralia” (MVW DENMARK 2014)(Platinum) … purchased at the current round of Collabor88. NEW

Maitreya Vintage Collar – Seashell S/S+

-Glam Affair – Mokatana – Artic 06 A skin

Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown – Romantic Part1 S+

The props in the picture are:

*MishMish* White Peacock – The Dazzle – eating
*MishMish* White Peacock – The Dazzle – stand1
The White Peacocks were made by Aime Takaaki of MishMish … I bought them at Collabor88 in August 2013 but I’m not sure if they are available any more.

*ionic* into the sea (phantom door) … this is part of a larger prop (a surreal house!) that I bought at DU5 in October 2013. Again I’m not sure if it is available any more.

Who Are You? Chess … made by Cherry Manga. Purchased in June 2012. (It’s the platform that Alles and Eurydice are standing on!)

The friends pose we used is label motion :: Haunted Beauty pose … made by Anne Dakun.



Dress : Solidea Folies – Astralia
Naga crown and trident : May’s Soul – Naga Princess – Halo Gold rare and Trident Gold ultrarare (from Feb 1st at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Hair : Magika – Take
Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Mesh doll avi: *Coco*_Doll – head 001V
Pic taken at Wet Lands

Best Friends

Best Friend


Alles, in blue, is wearing :
* “”D!va”” Hair “Astralia” (MVW DENMARK 2014)(Platinum) … purchased at the current round of Collabor88. NEW
* (FEMALE)_[MANDALA]FANTASY_ELF_Ears … purchased on MarketPlace.
* -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Artic 06 A skin … purchased at Cosmetics Fair, January 2014. NEW
* – Glam Affair – Shironuri lashes 1 – azure … now available at the Glam Affair store in Beauty Avatar Couture.
* pc eyes – autumn colors – early frost … made by Lano Ling (Poetic Colors).
* -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – azure … purchased in May 2011.
* Night Tender outfit by Boudoir … NEW. Worn bits include:
– Floral wreath (worn on head)
– Left breast attachment (aka flowers)
– Right breast attachment (aka flowers)
* _MY UGLYDOROTHY -Baby Doll Shape … but heavily edited by Alles. This was purchased at DU5 in September 2013 (see Picks for Sopha Portal for the store location).

Kynne, in pink, is wearing :
Flower outfit & wreath : Boudoir – Halfway to Paradise
Hair : Magika – Never (new)
Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Lashes : Glam Affair –– Shironuri Lashes – 1 – pink
Mesh doll avi: *Coco*_Doll – head 001V

I used these hair brushes from Deviant Art :