Pass Me Some Pink Champagne

I Decided To Wear Pink Today_051

Because a glass of pink champagne would just make my day!! 😀

I’m wearing:

Chloe Orbit … made by Zib Scaggs.
Chloe Headpiece … made by Zib Scaggs.

*Souvenirs * Pink Head Camera … made by fairyzette Sahara.

.: Fiore :. Mercy Braid v2 (lelutka) … made by Sanya Bilavio.

:::SOLE::: SA – Glasses Tweaky (Yellow) … made by shouko Kanto.

LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 (static ears) … made by Jaden Nova.
LeLUTKA.Eyes.2.5 … made by Jaden Nova.
LeLUTKA.Teeth.2.5 … made by Jaden Nova.

Alpha.Mask (Bom Head, APPLIER Body/Eyes) … made by Nyx Linden.

[Glam Affair] Aura Layer [Lelutka] 007 D … made by aida Ewing.

{ wren’s nest } Lila Slightly curvy (LeLutka Lilly V2.5) shape … by WrenNoir Cerise.

-[ vagrant ]- Chloe Top – Maitreya – Warm Pink … made by VagrantSL Resident.
-[ vagrant ]- Nova Shorts – Maitreya – Warm Pink … made by VagrantSL Resident.
Purchased as discounted Happy Weekend items on June 15th, 2021 and still there at the 60 linden price as I type up this blogpost.
Weekend Sales @ Vagrant

AZOURY – Amenite Red {Maitreya Lara} L … made by Aniki Seetan.
AZOURY – Amenite Red {Maitreya Lara} R … made by Aniki Seetan.
The Amenite heels are available at the latest round of the Cosmopolitan Event, which is open from June 14th through until June 26th. NEW.
Cosmopolitan Event

The props that I have used are as follows:

[Since1975]-Condom (REZZED – BIGG) … made by ocean Craft.

06. ACORN Think Pink Camera … made by Lulu Rage.

Pose is FOXCITY. Beach Bunny-5m – tweaked a teeny bit.

It Tastes Foul

Alles Chose Hemlock Tea_065

And thank goodness I didn’t drink a lethal dose, of course!! 😀

So, this is how Alles is kitted out for today’s fashion performance.

[Since1975] Alien Head Accessories … made by ocean Craft.

Tableau Vivant \\ Abigail hair … made by M4ri1yn Magic. I am wearing this “one-sided” hair in a tone from the Blonds pack. Abigail is available now at the current round of KUSTOM9, which is open from February 15th until March 10th. NEW.

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap … made by Genusproject Resident.
GENUS Project – Genus Jaws v1.1 … made by Genusproject Resident.

.euphoric ~Glam Queen Lashes Applier ~[Genus] … made by demi Placebo.
.euphoric ~Glam Queen Deepliner Applier ~[Genus] … made by demi Placebo.
.euphoric ~Jacqueline Eyes Applier ~[Genus] … made by demi Placebo.

[Glam Affair] Miya Applier [Genus ] 007 – 14 RARE … made by aida Ewing.
Miya was first available at The Epiphany event in January 2019 but you can still play the gacha machine for it at the Glam Affair store inworld.
Glam Affair @ Beauty Avatar Couture

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.1 … made by Onyx LeShelle. NEW.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Alpha … made by Onyx LeShelle.

+ Open Mouth animation + {egosumaii}

{WitchCraft Luciferia Bento Shape … made by WitchCraftxoxo Resident.
Purchased at the Necrosis Event, which was open from January 31st through until February 14th. NEW.

GIZ SEORN : Lenore Lingerie : Bustier [FatPack] M-Lara … made by Giz Seorn.
GIZ SEORN : Lenore Lingerie : Panties [FatPack] M-Lara … made by Giz Seorn.
The Lenore lingerie set is available at Whore Couture, which is open from March 1st through until March 31st. NEW.
Whore Couture Fair

The props that I have used are as follows:

{anc} chemical sparks {strontium red} 1Li … made by aki69 Resident.

[ free bird ] Halloween Thought Bubble – Pick Your Poison … made by Cortez Brandriss.

.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Feel the Connection – Back Implant … made by psikotik Gothly.

Buoy A – damaged (yellow) … made by Eduardos Ducatillon. (It’s actually part of the Everwinter SIM).