Nascita di Venere (With A Smile)

Venus in Wings_035

The Birth of Venus is a painting by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, probably made in the mid 1480s. It depicts the goddess Venus arriving at the shore after her birth, when she had emerged from the sea fully-grown (called Venus Anadyomene and often depicted in art). The painting is in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Most art historians agree that the Birth does not require complex analysis to decode its meaning. While there are subtleties in the painting, its main meaning is a straightforward, if individual, treatment of a traditional scene from Greek mythology, and its appeal is sensory and very accessible, hence its enormous popularity.

And so for your viewing pleasure today, Alles is Venere arriving on the Yucatan shore with a smile on her face. 😀

Tableau Vivant \\ Blown hair [Reg] … made by M4ri1yn Magic.
Available now at the latest round of KUSTOM9, which is open from September 15th through until October 9th. NEW.

LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 (static ears) … made by Jaden Nova.
LeLUTKA.Eyes.2.5 … made by Jaden Nova.
LeLUTKA.Teeth.2.5 … made by Jaden Nova.

Alpha.Mask (Bom Head, APPLIER Body/Eyes) … made by Nyx Linden.

[Glam Affair] Aura Layer [Lelutka] 007 D … made by aida Ewing.

{ wren’s nest } Lila Slightly curvy (LeLutka Lilly V2.5) shape … by WrenNoir Cerise.

Yokai – Ice Wings (Gold Dust) … made by Olikato Resident.

V.F Coleen Panties Maitreya … made by Camilasrodut Resident. This is the bottom half of the gorgeous Coleen bikini which is available now at the #BIGGIRL Event, which is open from September 15th through until October 10th. NEW.

The pose that I have used is Secret Poses – Brees 1 … made by SweetDaniellee Resident.

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