Free The Mind and The Body

The Girl Wot Fell to Earth_044

That’s my message to Planet Earth, of course!! 😀

HARO CYHEAD – Unrigged … made by oikein Resident.
HARO Neck – F Bodies – Unrigged … made by oikein Resident.
Purchased at the September 2020 round of Cyber Fair,

BBK: Lousia Black BOM … made by floreyan Resident. This is an all-over body tattoo which kinda looks like a wispy bodysuit also. Purchased at the current round of eBENTO, which is open from August 11th through until August 31st. NEW.

: Amorous : Die Schlacht (Nipple Covers/Spine) … made by Matchbook Monday.
I purchased these spiky items back in February 2013 – sadly no longer available.

HERA – Colour Mix Highlight Projectors – Red/Orange … made by MidnightMistxX Resident.

[AD] Tribute to 1Q84 moons … made by Aliza Karu.

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