Alles Has Been AZOURYfied

Pregnant Alles and Her Beauty Team_035

Or something to that effect because at least four of the items that I am wearing were made by AZOURY! 😀

As for my worn details in total, this is how I am kitted out.

Astralia – Bish crown … made by Astralia Resident.

tram H0814 hair … made by moca Loup.

LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 (static ears) … made by Jaden Nova.
LeLUTKA.Eyes.2.5 … made by Jaden Nova.
LeLUTKA.Teeth.2.5 … made by Jaden Nova.

Alpha.Mask (Bom Head, APPLIER Body/Eyes) … made by Nyx Linden.

[Glam Affair] Aura Layer [Lelutka] 007 D … made by aida Ewing.

AZOURY – Affliction Mask … made by Aniki Seetan.

{ wren’s nest } Lila Slightly curvy (LeLutka Lilly V2.5) shape … by WrenNoir Cerise.

-David Heather-Diana Choker/Gold … made by Gianni Broda.

S&P Chastity Bra (Lara) … made by Salt Peppermint.

AZOURY – Certitude – Maitreya Lara [L] … made by Aniki Seetan. The Certitude metal arms (I’m only wearing the left one) are available at the latest round of the Dubai Event, which is open from July 20th through until August 12th. NEW.
Dubai Event

AZOURY – Insoupconnable Arm Cap [Maitreya Lara] R … made by Aniki Seetan.

AZOURY – The Eyes of the Truth {Corset Pregnant Robotic} … made by Aniki Seetan.

:::insanya::: Nanokini – M.Lara – Thong … made by Tatyana Ultsch.

The props that I have used are as follows:

Mutresse-Fairy Beauty Team-16 … made by Eeky Cioc.

Mutresse-Fairy Beauty Team-13 … made by Eeky Cioc.

Sway’s [Ahoy] Boat candle . gold/red

Mutresse-Fairy Beauty Team-18 … made by Eeky Cioc.

Pose is SP – Faith 4M but tweaked a bit by moi.

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