Hit Me With Those Laser Beams

Just Another Swimsuit Shoot_051

So, why this particular blog title? Because being hit with a laser beam is far less painful than being hit with your rhythm stick, innit !! 😀

MINA Hair – Agnes … made by Mina Nakamura.
This long silky hair with soft bangs was first available at the Santa Inc. event in December 2020 but can now be purchased on Second Life MarketPlace or inworld.
Agnes Hair @ MINA Mainstore

ERSCH – Neriah Bodysuit {Lara} w\glow -black- … made by INIMIRA Resident (aka the ERSCH rig-testing account). Purchased at the CyberPunk Fair, which is open from May 8th through until May 30th. NEW.

amias – THEA gloves – Maitreya … made by Lany Jun.
Originally purchased at Part 2 of the 8th Anniversary round of the Cosmopolitan Event in late May 2020 but they are now available on Second Life MarketPlace.
amias – THEA gloves

The props that I have used are as follows:

!Six o’clock! Earthquaked Lighthouse … made by Pepite Roxan.

LOVE – LITTLE WOOD NYMPH – DELA … made by Krystali Rabeni.
LOVE – LITTLE WOOD NYMPH – PIXIE … made by Krystali Rabeni.
LOVE – LITTLE WOOD NYMPH – SNAPDRAGON … made by Krystali Rabeni.
These three diminutive items are part of a LOVE – LITTLE WOOD NYMPH SET that I purchased as a discounted Wanderlust Weekend item on May 10th, 2021.

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