İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir

Consistent Fantasy is Reality_047

Alles is wearing

Tableau Vivant \\ Water lily – Flowing … made by M4ri1yn Magic.
Alles is wearing this water-loving hair in a tone from the Reds pack, although truth be told this shade is more strawberry blonde than redhead. Flowing is one of three hairstyles that can be won on the Tableau Vivant gacha machine at the current round of The Arcade Gacha, which is open from March 1st through until March 31st. NEW.

R2 A/D/E hien arm[Silver]Maitreya … made by rei2 Aya.

R2 A/D/E hien Nip Maitreya … made by rei2 Aya.

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