Where Are We Heading?

See You At The Bitter End_TEMP

So with the corona virus gone “viral”, will it be into isolation, collaboration or just plain ole Armageddon?

I hope we can keep this threat in check.

So, being prepared for all sorts of eventualities, Alles is wearing this kit today.

Tableau Vivant \\ Erykah [faux dreads] … made by M4ri1yn Magic.

*OC* Silver Sunglasses … made by Elettra Gausman.
This an ancient item in my Inventory as I initially acquired them in May 2010. According to Elettra Gausman’s profile, “Orage Creations mainstore is closed” and you won’t find these on her Second Life MarketPlace store either.

AZOURY – Minuscule Mask … made by Aniki Seetan. The Minuscule Mask – which really isn’t that small at all – is available at the very latest round of the Cosmopolitan Event, which is open from March 9th through until March 21st. NEW.
Cosmopolitan Event

GENUS Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001 – v1.6 – Mocap … made by Genusproject Resident.
GENUS Project – Genus Jaws v1.1 … made by Genusproject Resident.

.euphoric ~Glam Queen Lashes Applier ~[Genus] … made by demi Placebo.
.euphoric ~Glam Queen Deepliner Applier ~[Genus] … made by demi Placebo.
.euphoric ~Jacqueline Eyes Applier ~[Genus] … made by demi Placebo.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.0.1 … made by Onyx LeShelle. NEW.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Alpha … made by Onyx LeShelle.

+ Open Mouth animation + {egosumaii}

{WitchCraft Luciferia Bento Shape … made by WitchCraftxoxo Resident.
Purchased at the Necrosis Event, which was open from January 31st through until February 14th. NEW.

[ kunst ] – Alligator necklace … made by Kunst Himmel.

*EB* Bustier – Red – “Anna” – Maitreya Lara … made by Elagantia Resident.
*EB* Corset w/HUD – “Anna” – Maitreya Lara … made by Elagantia Resident.
*EB* Panties – Red – “Anna” – Maitreya Lara … made by Elagantia Resident.
The “Anna” outfit in red is just one of six colour options that you can get as a Hello Tuesday special for just 99 lindens at the Elegance Boutique store at No Comment.
Elegance Boutique @ No Comment

[05:48] AllesIst Klaar: *OC* Silver Sunglasses {Creator} [nose]

[05:48] AllesIst Klaar: HERA – Colour Highlight Projectors – Alien {Creator} [avatar center]

The props that I have used are as follows:

{anc} sunbeam/flared(mix) 1LI

+Half-Deer+ Skelefish – Rez – Play Dead

+ Celestial Halo (MoonLight) + {aii}

Schadenfreude Sarracenia leucophylla in bleached Equus skull-BI

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