Here’s Wishing You A Bonzer Christmas

Merry Christmas, My Dears_036

According to Urban Dictionary, bonzer is Australian slang meaning “most excellent, cool, great etc”. However it can also mean “very big; wonderful; adventurous”, as in this exchange.
GUY: “WOW that was great sex”
GIRL: “no that was BONZER sex”

So either way you take the definition, here’s wishing you a great Christmas with lots of presents, enough food to stuff your insides right through until the New Year and of course, some bonzer sex to top it all off, no doubt!! 😀

And this is how Alles was kitted out on Christmas Eve, 2019.

Phedora ~ Something Grew On Your Head… Headband … made by Celena Galli.
This is available at the Santa Inc. event as a 99 linden purchase which you can either buy for yourself or purchase as a gift for a friend. You can find it at the middle of the top row of the Lost & Found Office wall at Santa Inc. until December 27th. NEW.
Santa Inc. by } Novel Events { @ Feather

.Shi Hair : Medusozoa … made by Joy Laperriere.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 … made by Onyx LeShelle.

*COCO*_OversizedBikerJacket(Black)_Size-1 … made by cocoro Lemon.
Purchased at the latest round of Uber, which began rather unexpectedly on December 23rd and will finish up on January 22nd, 2020. NEW.

(CHERRY) Christmas nipple sticker-Maitreya … made by NatulechkaSolnce Resident. Purchased on Second Life MarketPlace on December 22nd, 2019:
(CHERRY) Christmas nipple stickers

HERA – Colour Highlight Projectors – Blue Moon.

S&P Teisha boot L Lara … made by xxSaltandPepperxx Resident.
S&P Teisha boot R Lara … made by xxSaltandPepperxx Resident.

The sole prop that I have used is as follows:

gold dust … made by Venus Adored.
This is supposed to be a worn item but I rezzed it so I could move the gold dust plumes further behind me. Purchased on Second Life MarketPlace in August 2018.
Illusions: Gold Dust

The pose that I have used is Bauhaus Movement – Aesthetic Perfection 19 … made by LouLou Teichmann.

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