The Long Rest Before Halloween

The Long Rest Before Halloween_037

This is probably a message to my fellow bloggers but how many of us are now feeling a little worn down by the increasing demands from the Second Life creators whom we blog for? I know that I have felt under pressure as of late and in response to that added pressure I have left a number of inworld blogging groups and actually feel a great sense of relief that I have exited them.

After all, if it’s no longer “fun” to do it, why blog at all?

Anyway, beginning as of this blog post I wanted to highlight at least one item per post that I think offers good value to Second Life customers. And in this post, that honour belongs to Blueberry who have a Gold Pack for their Benny – Side Rolled Tops currently on sale at Collabor88. Apart from the fact that the top itself is drop dead sexy, at only 588 lindens it’s available in nine different colours via HUD. And that to me says great value – especially when biege, brown, puce, purple or ikky green aren’t one of those colours.

I should add here that I don’t blog for Blueberry or for the Collabor88 event.

As for my worn details in total, Alles is kitted out from top to toe as follows:

AZOURY – Zebedee Hat [Caramel] … made by Aniki Seetan.
This item was first available at The Forest event in October 2016 but can now be purchased on Second Life MarketPlace:
AZOURY – Zebedee Hat [Caramel]

MINA Hair – Lily [unrigged] … made by Mina Nakamura. This short hair is available now at the latest round of Uber, which is open August 25th to September 22nd. NEW.

LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.0 … made by JadenArt Resident.
LeLutka.Alpha.Head … made by Nyx Linden.

.LeLutka.Eyes.Simone 3.0 … made by JadenArt Resident.

Lumae :: Niska : 2 – Satin :: Petals {Freck/LightBrow} … made by Lumiya Rae. Purchased at the September 2015 round of My Attic @ The Deck.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 … made by Onyx LeShelle.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Alpha … made by Onyx Le Shelle.

Izzie’s – LeLutka Bento Dimples … made by Izzie Button.
Purchased as a Fifty Linden Friday item in January 2017.

!dM Lamia – NagaTongue **FANGED SERPENT** (mouth) … made by Chandra Meehan.

.LeLutka.Teeth.P_1 … made by JadenArt Resident.

[ west end ] Limited Shapes by Beloved Ruby (copy/modify) … made by Beloved Ruby.

Meva Lona Collar2 Beige Gold … made by Mea Carnell.

Izzie’s – Wet Body & Face … made by Izzie Button. Applied as Wet Body only via Maitreya HUD. Purchased at Summerfest 2017, which finished on July 20th.

Blueberry – Benny – Side Rolled Tops – Maitreya … made by Blueberryxx Resident. Purchased by me at the latest round of Collabor88, which is open from September 8th until October 6th. NEW.
Collabor88 Cam Shopping Sim 1
Collabor88 Cam Shopping Sim 2

LaGyo_Metis arrow Gold 1 … made by Gyorgyna Larnia.
LaGyo_Metis arrow Gold 2 … made by Gyorgyna Larnia.

Meva Bento Claw Left Hand Maitreya Gold … made by Mea Carnell.
Meva Bento Claw Right Hand Maitreya Gold … made by Mea Carnell.
The Meva Claws were first available at The Enchantment event in early 2016 but have now been updated as Meva Bento Claws and are available in fittings for both Maitreya and Vista bento hands – with individual finger fittings as well as full hands.
Meva Bento Claws @ Manifesto

r2 A/D/E kaei panties gold[lara] … made by rei2 Aya.
The kaei panties along with a top that I’m not wearing were originally purchased at Collabor88 in November 2015 but you can now get the kaei outfit instore at R2 Fashion.
R2 Fashion

[ Lucky #7 ] Post-Me: congratulations! … made by Shortcake Sugarplum.

Kaithleen’s Barbed Wire Choker for HER … made by Zlyskritek Resident.

AZOURY – Gazelle Leg Red with Silver blade [Maitreya Lara] … made by Aniki Seetan. The gazelle legs are available now at the September round of We Love Role-Play, which is open from September 4th until September 30th. NEW.
We Love Role-Play

The props that I have used are as follows:

PILOT – Wire Woman 1 [Black] … made by Kaz Nayar.

[ free bird ] Stoner Thought Bubble – Out of Body … made by Cortez Brandriss.
[ free bird ] Halloween Thought Bubble – You Say Witch … made by Cortez Brandriss.

LAGOM – Witched Statue [Moss] … made by ZandraSnowpawSnyder Resident.
Purchased as part of a two-statue set at The Fantasy Collective in August 2017. NEW.

The pose that I have used is Le Poppycock-Cyber flirting … made by Olivia Lalonde. However after loading this pose into a pose stand, I then tilted the pose stand at 90 degrees so that I was lying down rather than standing up. This pose is part of a set called Le Poppycock *Sweet Stuff* B that is available now at the current round of The Chapter Four event, which is open from September 4th to October 1st. NEW.
The Chapter Four

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