Are They Better Than Renoir?

Elo and the FixIt Crew

Well, I kinda imagine ma chère Elo was thinking that when Artist-Mr FixIt pulled out his paint brush but sadly, je ne pense pas !! 😀

And for the record, Elo is wearing the following:

*TKW* Bocek Natural colors pack hair … made by KateForster Akina.
Available on Second Life MarketPlace here:
*TKW* Bocek Natural colors pack
And inworld here:
*TUKINOWAGUMA* Main Shop in Chimera

Genesis_Head_Eva_3.0_Bento … made by GenesisLab Resident.

The props that I have used are as follows:

{anc} leaping sparks {red}// animated 1Li MESH … made by aki69 Resident.
Originally purchased at The Mens Department in February 2017, the leaping sparks are now available instore – in eight different colours.
Art Named Capering aka a.n.c Ltd.

[we’re CLOSED] sign warning (Beware of Noobs)

Sculpted Fire (linked) BIGGER … made by TerdNerd Barbosa.

[Cb] Two Rocks with Grasses … made by Chic Aeon. This is part of a Rocks and Plants Set that I purchased at the Cosmopolitan Event in early October 2016.

Mutresse-Artist-Mr FixIt … made by Eeky Cioc.
Mutresse-Drilling-Mr FixIt … made by Eeky Cioc.
These two men are both a common prize for Mutresse at the June 2017 round of The Arcade Gacha. NEW.
The Arcade Shopping Guide – June 2017

+Half-Deer+ Flower Tealights – Heart (Pink) BIGGER

Lush – Sweet Doll Luxury Pillow … made by Kayshla Aristocrat


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