Channelling My Inner Taniwha

The Water Monster and Friends_032

In Māori lore, taniwha are legendary beings that live in deep pools in rivers, dark caves, or in the sea, especially in places with dangerous currents or deceptive breakers (giant waves). They may be considered highly respected kaitiaki (protective guardians) of people and places, or in some traditions are seen as dangerous, predatory beings, which for example would kidnap women to have as wives.

But taniwha can either be male or female and when accorded the appropriate respect, taniwha usually acted well towards their people. Sometimes, a person who had dealings with taniwha during their lifetime might even turn into a taniwha after they died. Sometimes relationships are formed between humans and taniwha. Hine-kōrako was a female taniwha who married a human man, and Pānia was a woman from the sea who married a human and then gave birth to a taniwha.

So in this little tale of the sea, think of Alles as a gentle taniwha who is happy to subsist on the best kai moana that her people can find. Because as the Māori say, he pai rawa atu te kaimoana ki a ia.

As for my fashion details, Alles is wearing the following.

[sYs] HECATE headwear (Unrigged mesh) – silver/gold … made by Syane Cisse. Purchased at the October/November 2016 round of the SaNaRae event.

.Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB3a – Blonds … made by M4ri1yn Magic.
The HB3 hair bases are available at the latest round of Collabor88, which is open from February 8th until March 6th. NEW.

Meva Kamila Mask Gold … made by Mea Carnell. The Kamila set is available at the latest round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which began on February 7th and finishes on March 7th. The mask itself is a Rare item, while the common items include earrings, necklaces, braclets, bras and skirts in three different colours. NEW.
The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

PH – Lumoojatar – Earring L Silver … made by Irina Strazytski.

.LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.3 … made by JadenArt Resident.
.LeLutka.Head (with eyes) ALPHA … made by Nyx Linden.
Purchased inworld in January 2017. NEW.
LeLutka Mesh Heads

Nerine Eye Makeup – LeLutka Applier … made by Zib Scaggs. Purchased at the January 2017 round of The Secret Affair, which finished on January 29th. NEW.

!dM Lamia – NagaEyes **FIRE** … made by Chandra Meehan.

Glam Affair ( Lelutka Heads ) Vampire Line ( Polar ) 03 applier … made by aida Ewing.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 … made by Onyx LeShelle.
Maitreya Mesh Body – Alpha … made by Onyx LeShelle.

.LeLutka.Teeth.Simone 2.0 … made by JadenArt Resident.

.LeLutka.Simone.Shape.001 … made by JadenArt Resident.
(Modified by me so that my shoulders are now set at 64).

S&P Collar slumber party (OC SIX) RARE … made by xxSaltandPepperxx Resident.

Astralia – Sheila wings anklet (R) gold … made by Astralia Resident.

[CX]Kaiken Anklets (Maitreya High) (Gold) … made by Kamayari Resident.

The props that I have used are as follows:

+Half-Deer+ Skellyfish Only (rezzed – bigger) … made by Halogen Magic.

Pussy Hat Project – Dark Pink

[HL] Death Mother Statue (very small w. heart)


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