Or When Wren Fell Asleep!

When Wren Stole the Show

Many thanks to my friend WrenNoir Cerise for being such a good chum at very short notice … this is the two of us in our brand new *LACUNA* lingerie at The Trace, which has newly re-opened for photographers and virtual sunbathers alike.

ALLES – the camera holder is wearing:

.~Tableau Vivant~ Theda hair – (S) – FP … made by M4ri1yn Magic. Available now at the latest round of The Fantasy Collective, which began on March 20th and finishes on April 10th, 2015. NEW.

Clef de Peau:Liu: Eyebrows BK … made by marcopol Oh.
Clef de Peau:Liu:Eyebrows Shaper … made by marcopol Oh.

[KOOQLA] Bisquit mk (rose) eye shadow … made by Rocketta Haven. This was a group gift in January 2014.

Madrid Solo- Whimsical Designs- Queen Day & Night- Full … made by Madrid Solo. Purchased in August 2014.

~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes (Chrome – Amber) … made by Snow Frostwych. Purchased in February 2014 at the FutureWave event. Now available on MarketPlace.

no. 7 black tears … made by Shortcake Sugarplum. I am wearing this as a tattoo layer although it also comes with TMP appliers. Available now at Skin Fair 2015 which is open from March 13th through until March 29th. NEW.

[:T:] Parted lips 2 … made by Tuli Asturias. Free on Second Life MarketPlace.

Clef de Peau:Liu:Honey Base CL skin … made by marcopol Oh. This was available as an exclusive at the Love Is In The Air event from February 7th-14th. NEW.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 … made by Onyx LeShelle.

(Wear Me!) (Body/Hands/Feet) … made by TheShops Resident. This is the alpha layer for the mesh body.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Shape(f) – Supamodel … made by TheShops Resident. Purchased in July 2014.

Ariskea [Scarlett] Heart Necklace [Gold red] … made by Diaxm Resident.

*LACUNA* Mae Bra & Panties – Red … made by LacunaInc Resident. Purchased at the current round of My Attic @ The Deck, which is open until March 31st. NEW.
NOTE: This round of My Attic is retro-themed with lots of cool goodies to grab. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Deck/97/174/27

WREN – in pink – is wearing:

booN SBM134 hair pink RIGGED MESH … made by boo Nakamura.

LaGyo_Wisteria headpiece … made by Gyorgyna Larnia.

Boudoir Skull mask w/o mask … made by Precious Restless.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 … made by Onyx LeShelle.

*League* Isla Medium Bloom Brunette (Chest C) skin … made by Nena Janus.

NOX. Manic Shadow [Purple/Pink]

[White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Lollipop Green/Pink w eyeshadows

MG – Necklace – Rapture Rave Smiley Necklace … made by Maxi Gossamer.

Gold and Crystal bracelet … made for Wren by a friend, zihon3 Resident.

*LACUNA* Mae Bra & Panties – Vivacious … made by LacunaInc Resident. Purchased at the current round of My Attic @ The Deck. NEW.

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands … made by Siddean Munro.
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet Mid … made by Siddean Munro.

Pure Poison – Pink Butterfly Barefoot Sandals … made by Shaleene Kenin.

The prop that I am using is ::TA Bohemian Camera – Copy … made by Nico Griffith. Purchased on MarketPlace in March 2015 for a mere 90 lindens.

The pose that Wren is using is -slouch- pose061 … made by Eira Juliesse. Eira describes her poses as “modelling poses with a twist!” Bought in November 2012.

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