My Swim-Up Bar (BQ)

The Barbecue at Lotus Flower

The next time I do a barbecue at home I must remember to wear an apron and to bring the tongs … it’s really, really hard to flip the meat without them!! ^^

Alles is wearing the following:

::Axix:: WhereYouComeFrom Mask [Natural] Bambi … made by Elise Mannequin. Purchased at The Fantasy Room in September 2014 but now available on MarketPlace. I edited the mask to make it larger by the way.

[The Fantasy Room is now one of my favorite events with great bargains from many well-known fantasy and role-play designers.]

~Tableau Vivant~ Faux Dreads – The End (F) … made by M4ri1yn Magic. NEW.

Clef de Peau:Liu:Honey Base CL skin … made by marcopol Oh. This was available as an exclusive at the Love Is In The Air event from February 7th-14th. NEW.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) … made by TheShops Resident.

(Wear Me!) (Body/Hands/Feet) … made by TheShops Resident. This is the alpha layer for the mesh body.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Shape(f) – Supamodel … made by TheShops Resident. Purchased in July 2014.

AZOURY – Hibou Necklace 1 … made by Aniki Seetan. This will be available at the March 2015 round of The Secret Affair (starts on March 15th). NEW.

::Axix:: Leonah Armor Top [Old gold] … made by Elise Mannequin.
::Axix:: Leonah Armor Thong [Old gold] … made by Elise Mannequin.
Both pieces were purchased as part of a FatPack at the Tales of Fantasy event in October 2014.

The props that I have used are:

Alouette – Dewey The Robot – Pink … made by Scarlet Chandrayaan. Purchased at the September 2014 round of The Liaison Collaborative.

{vespertine-portable grill} … made by Amelie Knelstrom. Purchased at the June 2014 round of The Arcade Gacha, this item was part of a Summer Road Trip gatcha.

!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Sinful Bacon] … made by Anya Ohmai.

Sand Sculpty … made by AvelLuna Resident. Purchased on Second Life MarketPlace in March 2015 for a mere 20 lindens.

AF Ralph’s Boat … made by Apple Fall (aka warehousefifteendesigns Resident). This cute object is Copy/Modify and I purchased it on MarketPlace in March 2015 for just 125 lindens. A bargain I must say!! 😀

[Con.] Open Road Collection – Bobblehead … made by Wavie Haller. Purchased at the March 2015 round of The Arcade Gacha. NEW.

{anc} mannequin. MermaidPrincess(Adult)6Li RARE … made by aki69 Resident. Purchased at the February 2015 round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival – which finished on February 28th. NEW.

The pose I have used is *Leafy – How … made by Kaethe Dyrssen.

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