Two Bunnies and A Dummy

Two Bunnies and A Dummy

My new friend Poppy and I met up at The Arcade Gacha recently where we were both sinking our hard-earned lindens into the .Olive hair gacha machine. In fact this is how our first contact began:

[04:26] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): Hello – can I borrow your ax for a minute?
[04:26] Poppy (Emilie Christenson): it says no transfer on it
[04:27] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): dang – I wanted to attack the .Olive hair gacha and get the RARE hair that I want
[04:27] Poppy (Emilie Christenson): lool
[04:28] Poppy (Emilie Christenson): ;D
[04:28] Poppy (Emilie Christenson): yea i had the same idea with other rare things
[04:28] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): u don’t want to know how much I have spent on it
[04:28] Poppy (Emilie Christenson): oh i just spend thousands on one machine!!!!
[04:29] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): that’s what I did :(((
[04:29] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): I’m unloading all the unwanteds to friends atm
[04:30] Poppy (Emilie Christenson): if my friends doesnt want it i normally give it to random noobies 😀

Anyway, we both now have the RARE Snow Queen Hair by .Olive and will no doubt do a picture of us both wearing that soon but when I discovered that we both had the bunny suit as well, I knew that was another excuse for a quick two-person picture.

So what are the worn details?

Both of us are wearing.
-Pixicat- Whimsical.Onesie – Bunnie … made by areve Resident. Available now at The Arcade Gacha in a variety of animal forms including Bear, Bunnie, Cat, Deer, Dog, Frog, Goat, Koala, Panda, Skeleton and Unicorn. NEW.

Poppy is also wearing the following:

Hair: Vanity Hair: Morea
Skin: New Faces – Cheryl
Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes v2

Lipstick: Pink Acid Dry Slick Lip Balm Pt.2
Eyeliner: [THD] Bold Liner
Eyelash: *REDGRAVE* Eyelashes

Ring: -FAUN- Tora Unisex Set -Gold-

Alles is wearing:

MOON{hair}. Montauk Monster … made by Silent Acoustic.

The prop that I have used is AF Dress Form w/ Dress … made by Apple Fall akawarehousefifteendesigns Resident. I purchased it at the June 2014 round of The Arcade Gacha, so it may be possible to find it on a Gacha YardSale now.

The two-person pose that we used is {.:exposeur:.} Syrup and Honey … made by RubyStarlight Writer. Purchased in March 2014.

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