When Gaga Met Salvador

When Gaga Met Salvador - Repost

There are two hat makers in Second Life whose work I really adore. One of them is Chirzaka Vlodovic from LODE and the other is petalos Clary from BaObA. What sets both of these designers apart from the other “hat creatives” in Second Life is the uniqueness of their vision, its quirkiness and its celebration of the elements of life. As petalos Clary has noted in her Second Life profile: “The ideal would be to have the heart in the skull and brain in the chest, so we would think with love and love intelligently too …… ”

Anyway, BaObA are having a big sale of their “old hats” at the moment – I’m not sure when it will end but get your running shoes on now cos you don’t want to miss out. In this 2011 picture, my friend Bloomy Miles is wearing the Concert hat from BaObA and although the images was given a rather surreal twist, you can still get an idea of how glamorous and gorgeous the Concert hat is.

This is your taxi to the BaObA Outlet store, where all of the hats are just 100 lindens each – a fabulous bargain.


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