In the Water with Elo

Dans l'Eau avec Elo

For everyone out there who wants to dream of a perfect summer holiday!! 😀

ALLES on the left is wearing:

~Tableau Vivant~ Soleil Hair – (S) … made by made by M4ri1yn Magic.

PFC~War Kitten – Breast and PFC~War Kitten – Thong … made by Pucca Firecaster.

Elo on the right is wearing:

[06:30] Elo (elorac Paule): hairs are tram
[06:30] Elo (elorac Paule): skin glam affair
[06:30] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): can u add the name of the hair
[06:30] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): etc.
[06:30] Elo (elorac Paule): hands slink
[06:30] Elo (elorac Paule): ears mandala
[06:31] Elo (elorac Paule): tram A816 beige
[06:31] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): great and ditto for the other bits – I want to blog the pic – that’s all
[06:32] Elo (elorac Paule): you mean you want details for skin also ?
[06:32] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): oui
[06:32] Elo (elorac Paule): GLAM AFFAIR VERA JAMAICA
[06:33] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): alos ur wearing a ring
[06:33] Elo (elorac Paule): SLINK HANDS FEMALE MID
[06:33] Elo (elorac Paule): OOPS flat i mean
[06:33] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): the hands?
[06:33] Elo (elorac Paule): ears unisex mandala steking
[06:33] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): don’t u mean feet?
[06:33] Elo (elorac Paule): yes hands are flat hands
[06:33] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): I like the ears
[06:35] Elo (elorac Paule): my eyelash are mon cheri – MC fALSIES
[06:36] Elo (elorac Paule): but maybe not useful
[06:36] Elo (elorac Paule): i go afk a bit, brb
[06:36] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): kk
[06:37] Elo (elorac Paule): oh bikini is luli bikini / Baiastice
[06:37] Elo (elorac Paule): BRB

The sole prop that I used in this picture is:
+Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Fancy – Rez …made by Halogen Magic.

The pose that we used is Ma Vie. Bubbles … made by Mavi Beck.


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