Pretty Flamingos

Pretty Flamingos_053

And a gladiator or two. It’s a little known fact that there were female gladiators in ancient Rome, so in order to investigate this situation Tamarind and myself teleported ourselves back in time to when the Roman Empire was at its height. Anyway, after a hard day spent fighting lions and then throwing them to the Christians, we gave ourselves an early mark from all of this toil at the Coliseum and headed over to the Sarawak SIM where we soaked our aching legs in the water and communed with the resident flamingos. Oh … and Tamarind had a little tipple!!

Tamarind and I are both wearing the -Pixicat- Gladiator.Dress – Brown. Made by areve Resident, this cute little outfit is still available at the latest round of Collabor88 in Second Life … but get there quick before it closes. NEW.

Individually, this is what else we are wearing.

Alles (on the left) is wearing the following:

~Tableau Vivant~ Writer Hair … made by M4ri1yn Magic. Available at the September 2014 round of The Arcade Gacha. NEW.

~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes (Chrome – Amber) … made by Snow Frostwych. Purchased in February 2014 at the FutureWave event. Now available on MarketPlace.

Eyelashes -16- Elemental *REDGRAVE* … made by Viola Leigh. Purchased on MarketPlace in July 2013.

-Belleza- Eyeliner 1 … made by Shyla Diggs. Purchased in July 2012.

[okkbye] Summer Freckles – Subtle – Very Subtle … made by Elisaokkbye Resident. Purchased in July 2014 at the summer round of The Seasons Story.

[:T:] Parted lips 7 … made by Tuli Asturias. Free on MarketPlace.

Necklace [MANDALA]Odyssey-Artemis(White) … made by kikunosuke Eel. Available now at the August 2014 round of Collabor88. NEW.

-Glam Affair – Brandi – America – Drama Queen – D … made by aida Ewing. Purchased in April 2014 (it was a Fifty Linden Friday purchase – excellent value).

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) … made by TheShops Resident. NEW.

(Wear Me!) (Body/Hands/Feet) … made by TheShops Resident. This is the alpha layer for the mesh body. – Pretty Shape XXS Standard Size … made by Strawberry Singh. Purchased on MarketPlace in August 2014. NEW.

-Pixicat- Gladiator.Dress – Brown (xs) … made by areve Resident. Purchased at the August 2014 round of Collabor88. NEW.

[MANDALA]Odyssey-Bracelet set-Artemis(White) … made by made by kikunosuke Eel. Available now at the August 2014 round of Collabor88. NEW.

Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant XS Left … made by Siddean Munro.
Slink Mesh Hands (av) Casual XS Right … made by Siddean Munro.

And Tamarind (on the right) is wearing this:

[19:56] Tamarind Silverfall: Slink Physique Body, Maxi Gossimer jewelry, Wasabi Pills hair
19:58] Tamarind Silverfall: oh, skin, Glam Affair, Vera
[19:59] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): what Wasabi Pills hair is it – btw?
[19:59] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): and is the Maxi Gosamer the necklace and bracelets?
[19:59] Tamarind Silverfall: It’s called “Jean” it was at the last Uber
[20:00] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): kk – the one in August?
[20:00] Tamarind Silverfall: yes
[20:00] Tamarind Silverfall: Yes, they are both MG, called “Seluku”

The two props I have used are:

!Ohmai: Flamingo B (Rez) [Coral] … made by Anya Ohmai.
!Ohmai: Flamingo C (Rez) [Coral] … made by Anya Ohmai.
These were purchased at Summerfest ’14 in June 2014.

The pose that we used is oOo Troika c/m/nt … made by Olaenka Chesnokov. Purchased in August 2014 – but not new.

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