A Meeting with The Queen

A Meeting with The Queen_025

Yes indeed, Alles was mixing with royalty today at the Black Kite SIM as she met up with the Cursed Queen – or at least that is who she said she was. And she must have been telling the truth cos she was wearing a crown!! 😀

Alles is wearing the following:

” Night and Day ” ****** BaObA ******** made by petalos Clary. It’s the hat!!

** DIRAM ** ADRIANA Outfit – Black … made by djod Karu. NEW.
I am wearing the Body – S size (shorts) and Cuff – Left and Cuff – Right.

-Glam Affair – Magenta skin – Jamaica – FLF D

BAX Regency Boots Black Leather STANDARD … made by Bax Coen. Purchased in August 2013.

My props in the image were:

Kyoot – La Couronne de la Reine Noire Crown made by Saeya Nyanda. While the inworld store for Kyoot is now closed all of their product is available on MarketPlace.

Cursed Bride skirt back side (used as prop) made by Precious Restless.

Serpent8 – Diesel Works made by Rogan Diesel.

+Half-Deer+ Cloud Tree A – Pink/Wood (S) made by Halogen Magic.

8f8 – 32. Vintage Ice Cream Machine made by 8f8 Resident.

O.M.E.N – Dear John – Toy Plane made by DamascusVera Resident.

The pose I used is ~ Cream ~ Enjoy made by Lemon Artemesia.

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