Mesh Body Testing at Black Kite

Mesh Bodies at Black Kite_033 (Cropped)

‘Tis moi in WowMeh mesh body (on the left) and my friend, Caitlin Tobias on the right in some fancy noo mesh body!! ^^

[04:24] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): this isn’t fair – ur boobs are much nicer than mine … *sighs*
[04:24] Caitlin Tobias: aww
[04:24] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): I mite resize myself
[04:24] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): 2 secs – lol
[04:26] Caitlin Tobias: lolol
[04:26] Caitlin Tobias: I was doing pics on Santaurio and then after 30 mins I noticed a drooling dude behind me..ahahahah
[04:26] Caitlin Tobias:
[04:27] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): lol
[04:29] Caitlin Tobias: you are right, these are nice boobs!
[04:29] Caitlin Tobias: lol
[04:31] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): yup
[04:31] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): no, I am just gonna tweak mine
[04:31] Alles Klaar (AllesIst Klaar): nipples that is

Alles is wearing:

RO – Speed Demon Helmet – Spitfire – Closed (Materials) … made by AxsisThorn Resident. Purchased at the Level Up “Racing Games” event which runs from June 19th until July 5th, 2014. NEW.

*CentoPallini* KEY NECKLACE Gold (Chest) … made by caran Juran. Purchased in December 2011.

The couple pose that we have used is label motion :: Sweetness. This is actually made for a female/male couple but was given an edit by me so that two femmes could use it.

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