Has Gacha Got Out of Control?

Is Gacha Really Worth It?

Firstly and before anyone jumps on me, I would to point out that the Gacha in this picture does offer good value. I have just opened one of the bikini packages and discovered that there are five different sizes available and that each of those sizes are transfer. So if I can fit into a size M bikini and I have a friend who fits into a size XS bikini, then we both get something to wear for an initial outlay of only thirty lindens. Unfortunately the same kind of value doesn’t apply to a lot (if not all) of the gachas that are now in vogue at events like the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the currently running, Tails of Fantasy.

3 thoughts on “Has Gacha Got Out of Control?

  1. Its not just Gacha’s that are out of hand- its Events in general. There are so many events going on at any one time- and now that we’re in summer that number is going to double. So many good creators are losing out because they just don’t have the time to be on SL and participate with something new for every new event that starts.

  2. This is a really good discussion Alles, and one definitely worth having. I have had an in-world store since 2010, and since opening my store, I have always had a few gachas. These days, gachas seem to be the norm everywhere.

    With the ones in my store and at events I have participated in, I have tried to do 2 things:

    First, I make sure that the separate items are usable on their own (without needing the rares).

    Second, I also try (though not always) to offer a ‘fatpack’ of all the items in a gacha as a product, so that if you want a copy/mod version of all the items, you have that choice.

    I am just getting ready for the Rhapsody event, and am thinking that if I do a gacha for it, I will have a poster beside the vendor that shows the percentages that I set for the rares in the script.

    What do you think?


    • Hi Moriko – I should really have replied to you ages ago but here I am almost twelve months later doing it. Anyway, I would like to commend you for offering your customers a “Fatpack” option in your gacha – that sounds great. I do wish that more creators would offer options like this.

      I am making this comment whilst shopping at the new round of KUSTOM9 and unfortunately what I can see here is the stark choice in value that is offered between too many gachas and “normal sale” items.

      Side by side there is a gacha from a well-known Second Life creator and a pose set offering from another creator. The pose set costs a mere 79 lindens for nine poses (or 25 lindens for a single pose)but with nineteen individual items in the neighbouring gacha machine priced at 75 lindens each, I am not going to play it basically cos unless I was very, very lucky it offers such poor value for my lindens.

      Twelve of the gacha items are just variants of the same product (a rattan bag) and yet what I would really like to get is the pretty summer dress. And for the record it’s a dress that I would expect to pay 250-300 lindens for if it was available instore, where I would obviously get the choice I want. Two of the four dresses are actually RARE items, and the odds are that I could spend considerably more money trying to get either the Milk or the Sky dress from this gacha, than if I could buy the four dresses together outright as a fatpack instore.

      I am not suggesting that all gachas represent poor value but too many have way too many constituent bits (to my mind gachas with more than 25 items should never be allowed) and many of them are now priced far too high for the “lesser” items that might be in the gacha, i.e. the commons. Gachas with good commons I like, especially if they are priced at 50 lindens or below but gachas priced at 75, 80 or 100 lindens where you can’t even get a whole outfit (let alone an outfit in the colour you want) are just ripping the poor Second Life customer off, I think.

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