Alles, Duchess and the Skeleton Skirt

Alles, Duchess and the Skeleton Skirt_050

Another picture taken in the Black Kite SIM in Second Life, this shoot was a quick follow-up from the “Three Masked Women” picture that I did with Cate Storymoon and Duchess Flux.

As in the picture we did with Cate, both Duchess and myself are wearing the MetaTheodora CANDIDA Mask which is made by Sion Pearl. We bought it at The Gallery Gift Shop in SAIKIN, where it will be available until June 15th, 2014. After this month’s round of TGGS, you will probably be able to buy it in the MetaTheodora store itself.

Our other worn details are as follows:

The pose we are using is KaTink – Summer Rhyme … made by AnneMarit Jarvinen. You can find the store location for KaTink in her Profile Picks. This pose is actually for three avatars but I hid the other pose ball from view as our picture partner (Cate Storymoon) had logged out when I did this shot.


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