My Darling, My Ammonites

My Darling, My Ammonites

To cut a fairly long story short, I had seen a full mesh avatar at the Second Life MarketPlace some time ago and was quite intrigued by the idea even though the creation itself is now two years old. This avatar is made by the intriguingly-named Utilizator Mode and you can see more details here:

Anyway, this past weekend I happened to visit the store inworld and decided that at only 300 lindens, it was worthwhile having a little splurge on a new avatar form.

Even though this mesh avatar has its own shape, like the DollCoco and CocoDoll avatars, I was able to keep mine beneath the avatar’s mesh skin and hopefully this means that if, or when I change back into “normal” Alles, that I won’t look “deformed” and have to relog like I do if I have been a DollCoco avatar. But we shall see!! ^^

So what am I wearing here?

UTILIZATOR – Avatar 2.0 – beta
Avatar 2.0 – Body v1.10b … it’s basically my skin
Avatar 2.0 – HUD v1.10 … I can change skin colour with this and do other stuff!
full body alpha – LL eyes
MB2 – Skateshoe L
MB2 – Skateshoe R
This avatar also has a pair of black stockings but I’m not wearing them in this picture.


*~*Corvus Mask: Small/Copy made by By Siyu Suen of *~*Illusions*~* … purchased in March 2011.

~Tableau Vivant~ Moon Hair – FatPack … made by M4ri1yn Magic. I’m wearing one of the Summer tones. As the Tableau Vivant website notes, Moon is “a breathtaking long and flowing rigged mesh hairstyle.”
This hair is currently available at the Cutie Moon Fair which is open from April 1st through to April 15th. NEW.
The Moon hair is available in 6 packs each with a HUD in 14 tones and the fatpack contain six huds with all of the tones available at a special price for the event.

Curio Obscura – Fluffy Fur Jacket Pink and White made by Pandora Wrigglesworth

Evillast … Boxing Gloves made by Fedor McNally … purchased in December 2010.


Dita’s Grunge Lifebuoy (Small – Resized by Me) … made by Dita Actor.

[we’re CLOSED] old fence 2 made by Wendy Xeno … purchased in February 2014.

Serpent8 – Diesel Works made by Rogan Diesel … purchased in August 2013.

floorplan. typewriter gacha / pink made by Tegan Serin … purchased in February 2014.

[Con.] Fossil Hunter – Ammonite made by Valiantco Resident. Purchased at The Arcade Gacha in December 2013.

[Con.] Fossil Hunter – Ammonite made by Valiantco Resident. Purchased at The Arcade Gacha in December 2013.

7 – Floor Bulb … from Seven Emporium. Purchased in December 2013.

+Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Love – Rez made by Halogen Magic
+Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Fancy – Rez made by Halogen Magic
These were purchased at The Home Show 2014 in Farrington Heights. This event is open from April 1st through to April 30th.

:Fanatik Architecture: Dark Rock 12 made by Kendra Zaurak – actually this isn’t my prop but was part of the SIM background and might make a useful purchase.

I shot this image at Twilights Edge …

The pose that I used is Ma Vie. – Les Revenants 05 made by Mavi Beck.

And this is what Alles looked like without the big pink coat on:

My Darling, My Ammonite_079

Notice that I am wearing two clothing items from Avatar 2.0 which you couldn’t see in the other picture. These are:

MB2 – shirt made by Utilizator Mode
MB2 – Panties – Red (they were white but were tinted by me)


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