The Race Is On

Snapshot - The Race_016

And this is what Alles is wearing:

~Tableau Vivant~ Moon Hair – FatPack … made by M4ri1yn Magic. I’m wearing one of the Summer tones. As the Tableau Vivant website notes, Moon is “a breathtaking long and flowing rigged mesh hairstyle.”
This hair is currently available at the Cutie Moon Fair which is open from April 1st through to April 15th. NEW.
The Moon hair is available in 6 packs each with a HUD in 14 tones and the fatpack contain six huds with all of the tones available at a special price for the event.

La Mer Overbust [S] from the mTru // CinphuL La Mer [Fervor] outfit … NEWISH. Made by Imokon Neox and available here:
The La Mer outfits are available in four different colours and the whole outfit includes the Overbust Wire Mesh Corset (which I’m wearing) and an Underbust Wire Mesh Corset, Flexi prim skirt, Skirt Waistband and two sets of ‘Breast Pads’.

Pure Poison – Miss Ficceh Sandals for SAVIAD. {wear only}

Pure Poison – Miau Bag – Left Hand … made by Shaleene Kenin.

The pose I am using is DM – Archeologist, which is made by Del May (Del May Poses). While it suggests someone digging in the soil for ancient artefacts it also made me look like a sprinter crouched down at the start of a race. Neat, eh?

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