Dummies Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Dummies Are A Girl's Best Friend

Kynne et moi got together a couple of days ago to do a shot at the Black Kite SIM with some new-found “friends” who assured us that they were fabulous dancers.

It came about like this:

[05:14] Second Life: User not online – inventory has been saved.
[05:32] Second Life: Kynne (kynne.llewellyn) is online.
[05:33] Alles Klaar (allesist.klaar): Hiya … I was about to log
[05:33] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): Hi again
[05:33] Alles Klaar (allesist.klaar): did u get the dummy from me?
[05:33] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): yes I just rezzed it
[05:33] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): what is it ?
[05:33] Alles Klaar (allesist.klaar): cool
[05:34] Alles Klaar (allesist.klaar): a dummy – lol
[05:34] Alles Klaar (allesist.klaar): but it has a pose in it
[05:34] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): yes
[05:34] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): ok !
[05:34] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): thanks !
[05:34] Kynne (kynne.llewellyn): Dolly loves him already !

This is what Kynne (left) was wearing:

Hair : Argrace – Haruka
Ears : Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Dress : LpD – Juno – white – flowers … NEW.
Jewellery : Kunglers Extra – Cruce
Ballerina’s : Glam Affair
Mesh doll avatar: *Coco*_Doll – head 001V

And this is what Alles was wearing:

~Tableau Vivant~ Gloster Hair – Regular fit … made by M4ri1yn Magic. I am wearing one of the Winter shades. This hair was available at Collabor88 in March 2014. NEW.

* Madrid Solo- Male Designs- Bad To The Bone- Full Set … it’s the makeup across the top of my face (a bit like a painted mask) and the lip colour.

PFC~War Kitten – Breast
PFC~War Kitten – Thong
PFC~War Kitten – Wings

[White~Widow – BLACK] Skyfall tattoo … made by Stan Jigsaw. Purchased in August 2013.

Vestigium – Sugar Skulls [Us] I tattoo … made by Lu Scorpio. Purchased in March 2014.

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual … made by Siddean Munro.

The three props that I rezzed at Black Kite were:

d-lab- Chair-sheep04 … made by dazai Voom.

[*Art Dummy!] once. (decorative dummy) … made by Gala Charron.

IE – The Dummy Gacha 5 … made by Kay Weston.

The other props that are in the picture are in situ at Black Kite.

8f8 – Itsy-Bitsy Crib

8f8 – Fancy Fence

*a* LoveDeluxe … made by Alir Flow of *alirium*

8f8 – Bird Tower – Blue

8f8 – Bubbleblooms – Blue

8f8 – Bubbleblooms – White

8f8 – Poppy Hearts

You can buy the 8f8 props as gacha items in the little store that iBi (8f8) has at Black Kite … http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Black%20Kite/96/87/22

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