Je Vous Remercie, Flickr

Je Vous Remercie, Flickr

The two pictures below show the difference in the photo-page presentation between the “old” Flickr format (in use from May 20th, 2013 until March 25th, 2014) and the new Flickr format. The old Flickr format image has buttons in French because that format is no longer available for English language users.

Old Flickr Format au Francais

You can see on the image above that there is a note on this photograph which has been placed on the pig by Kake Broek. Notes are now hidden in the New Photo Experience as you can see from the screenshot of this same Flickr page below.

New Flickr Format

The image directly above is what the New Photo Experience looks like. As I have mentioned in my Flickr post it has only been rolled out to English speakers so far (or people who have set English as their language for Flickr). Feedback at the Flickr Help Forum suggests that apart from notes not being visible on the image there are a lot of other features that are either missing or “hidden” on the new photo page. For instance, you now have to click a button to see the tags on a picture which were clearly visible on the old photo page when you scrolled down a few centimetres. Or if you are like me and have let some group invites sit on your photos for a while, they have all disappeared in the new format as group invites will now only show up in Recent Activity … and as Recent Activity only caters for ten items, your group invites can disappear in a matter of hours or even minutes depending on how popular your picture has been as they get washed away by newer comments and favorites being added to your pictures.

Lastly, as one person at the Help Forum has noted:
“Comments squashed up the side of the photo is also something I hate … (it) gives them less importance … and of course is a direct copy of Facebook … not an original idea at all.”

Or as another Flickr member said on his own post:

My biggest complaint is about the black with reverse text. This is not reader friendly at all. It may be great for designing websites with little text, but on Flickr there is a lot of commenting and reading going on all the time. This page design is probably the offspring of a non-reader … because a reader would never design a page so anti-reading and unpleasant to the eye as this one. Who wants to read and write on a black page with text in reverse? Now if you want to write more than one or two lines, who is going to stay on your page long enough to read it on a black sidebar on the right side of the photo page that minimizes the importance of comments? With the new page design we have one more reason not to comment and to spend even less time on Flickr.

Flickr seems to be autodestructing because they don’t listen to reason. Wisdom is in the counsel of many. They would not listen, even though a Flickr team member, Satish Mummareddy, said that they “have incorporated a lot of the feedback you have been sharing with us and we believe that Flickr’s experience is ready to be the default experience for everyone”. Well, I’m not sure that they really pay that much attention to what we have to say.

3 thoughts on “Je Vous Remercie, Flickr

  1. Voting with one’s virtual feet is about the only way anyone takes note these days.
    We can switch our language prefs for now ……..but what happens when they ruin that for us too?

    If the language change work-around ever ceases to work I think I may just stop using Flickr and retreat back to DeviantArt ……………at least there you get a sense they actually care about the people who use their site.Plus you can always try and sell prints 🙂

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  3. Agreed, Agreed and Agreed!

    Coming back today after having a week off I was severely disappointed to see what had become of my poor flickr page. I knew it was coming of course, but that didn’t stop me from ignoring the beta version!

    I had a bit of a rant today as I spent a few hours trying to get used to it, I also left some feedback. But finally giving up half way through and switching over to Italian (by the way thank you for that) knowing full well this isn’t a permanent solution. I hope that dreadful black screen that squishes everything over to the right hand side will be eliminated quickly, as I too found it very hard to look at.

    We spend so much time commenting & connecting with each other on these pages that I almost feel lost in a sea of jumbled darkness now, you would think flickr would understand this. They want to be so much like FB, maybe I will just use that instead, at least it’s still a white page and my eyes can handle looking at it 🙂

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