The Winter of My Discontent

Now, The Winter of My Discontent

As my dear friend Sugar Silverstar pointed out to me, the new War Kitten outfit from PFC (Pucca Firecaster’s Creations) can easily double as a bikini if you strip it down to just the bra and thong bits. So I did! I’m not quite sure what Pucca would make of me wearing what is after all a piece of armour quite like this … but I do hope she will forgive me!! The War Kitten outfit is currently available at the We Love RP event. NEW.

So what is Alles wearing in this reclining mode?

RO – Midas Crown … made by the wonderful people at Remarkable Oblivion. Available now as a “common” gacha item on the Royal Court gacha machine at the back of their store.

Demitra line fade -Jet Black hairbase … made by Malia Actor.

E-Clipse MeshEars PV2 (PV2Ear L and E-Clipse PV2Ear R) … made by Thetra Blackheart. Purchased at the current round of L’accessories. NEW.

Madrid Solo- Lying Eyes- Dark Red eye liner … purchased in February 2014.

– Glam Affair – Shironuri lashes 1 – coal … made by M4ri1yn Magic. I bought them at The Seraphim Social in December 2013 but they are now available at the Glam Affair store in Beauty Avatar Couture.

~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes (Chrome – Red) … made by Snow Frostwych. These were part of a FatPack of eyes that I purchased at FutureWave in February 2014.

Madrid Solo- Male Designs- Bad To The Bone- Full Set … it’s the makeup across the top of my face (a bit like a painted mask) and the lip colour.

[:T:] Parted lips 7

Pure Poison – Screw HandCuffs Gold – Left … made by Shaleene Kenin.

PFC~War Kitten outfit … made by Pucca Firecaster. NEW. I am wearing these bits:
– Breast
– Thong
However the full outfit also includes armour for the arms and hips, a cute pair of wings and two other left/right pieces called greaves and pauldron. Plus there is a texture HUD to change colours. In this post I am using the default setting.

This picture was taken in the Annwn Willows SIM and this is the SLURL for the exact location I used, give or take a couple of metres:

The props that I used in this picture are:

floorplan. winter is coming blocks … made by Tegan Serin.

Serpent10 – Diesel Works … made by Rogan Diesel.

Cursed Bride skirt back side … made by Precious Restless. It’s the skull, skeleton and other bits that are near me.

The pose I have used is Ma Vie. – Flawless 01, which is made by Mavi Beck. It’s one of the poses in her Flawless pack. See her Profile for store details.

Also, please note that I loaded this pose into a pose stand and then tilted it at ninety degrees, which is why I am lying down on my back and not upright!

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