The Picnic Under Glass

The Picnic Under Glass

I shot this image at the Annwn Willows SIM. Unbelievable as it may seem, the silvery fish was actually attached to my head and I also attached the Spring Meadow Picnic Set to myself so it wasn’t auto-returned to me after thirty minutes. But the other fish, i.e. the one with big teeth, was rezzed on locale.

And for those who are interested this is the exact map reference for where I shot the original raw images.

Anyway, my worn details are as follows:

Normal fish made by suppe Koba – worn on my head! Sadly her inworld store, SOUP, was closed in February 2014 and although her products are still on MarketPlace, I couldn’t see the Normal fish. I was given this fish by Miyako Magic in early 2012 and maybe one of these days she would like it back?

Dead Dollz Hasu XS gown made by Kiddo Oh. It is for sale at the SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair, which is now open. NEW.

Pure Poison – Screw HandCuffs Gold – Left … made by Shaleen Kenin. NEW.

The props I have used in this picture are:

Spring Meadow Picnic Set made by Precious Restless. NEW.
It is one of five gacha items at the Spring Fairy Gacha in Boudoir.

The pose I am using is Girl Fever 02 by Mavi Beck. It is one of the poses in a Girl Fever set that she has just released in her MaVie Poses store. NEW.

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