How I Made It Look Wrong

What Is Wrong With This Picture

Well as far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with the image above, except perhaps for a little bit of Photoshop trickery that made it look “wrong”. Certainly there were no Second Life glitches involved anyway!! 😀

To make this image all I did was to blend two separate pictures in Photoshop. One of them I had shot with myself wearing the new Sakura outfit by Dead Dollz and the other was shot when I removed the outfit. No I didn’t appear naked in Black Kite cos the alpha layer from the outfit basically hid all of my body, except for my feet which being mesh prims were still visible.

You can see these two images below. The one in which Alles is missing lots of stuff was the base image (Background, or Layer 0), while the other image in which I am wearing the Sakura gown was Layer 1. It was then just a simple matter of erasing most of the gown and then merge layers to make the final picture.

Snapshot - The Sleeping Sculpture at Black Kite_170


Snapshot - The Sleeping Sculpture at Black Kite_190

The only “wrong” thing about the final composite image – and this is a little quirk in Second Life that I don’t quite understand – is that your entire body, even when you are naked and have bits missing cos you are wearing alpha layers, still casts a complete shadow, whereas the body bits that are ‘hidden’ by the alpha layer/s aren’t reflected in water.

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