All She Needs Is Love

All She Needs Is Love

The FutureWave event in Second Life is now over but on the very last day I went on a spending spree in the Cursed SIM. So much of what I am wearing in this picture was purchased there.

*Dura-Girl*32(Blonde) hair made by Chiaki Xue. Purchased in April 2013.

[KOOQLA] Bisquit . Heap 02 (lb) skin … made by Rocketta Haven. Purchased in January 2014.

~*By Snow*~ Citadel Eyes (Chrome – Red) … made by Snow Frostwych. These were part of a FatPack of eyes that I purchased at FutureWave. NEW.

OrsiniSun Stone Spirit Bangle L and R … part of the Stone Spirit outfit. NEW.

[ SAKIDE ] Virtuality Dress v2 XS … purchased at FutureWave. NEW.

CMFF FemDroid – Security Enforcement – Legs … made by Chip Midnight. Purchased at FutureWave. NEW.
(I bought the whole avatar but only attached my legs and used two different alphas so that the entirety of my body and head didn’t disappear, as it would have if I had used the FemDroid alpha).

GALLACTIC . Eclipse . Alpha – Corset

Jeans pants alpha (shoes) … from the Macabre Black Denim Jeans by Boudoir. (Previously blogged on Dolls and Demons here –

The two props that I used in this picture are:

floorplan. typewriter gacha / seafoam

7 – Love Vintage Sign from Seven Emporium

The pose that I used for this picture was . Infiniti . – Abduction 9, which is made by Brandi Monroe. It is one of the poses in her Abduction set. However I have loaded these poses into a pose stand which was then tilted at about 45 degrees to get this pose effect.

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