Good Girls Wear Black

Good Girls Wear Black

I took this picture in the Virtual Decay SIM – inside what seemed to be a run-down store that sold beat-up vending machines. At 50 lindens each per vending machine, I might even go back some time soon and buy two or three of them as props!! 😀

This is the taxi to the store by the way:

And this is what Alles is wearing …

* .Shi Hair : Blown {Mono 3} purchased at The Liaison Collective in January.
This hair is unisex and there are three shades of Monochrome hair – in this picture I am wearing Mono 3 which is a silvery-grey).

* Madrid Solo- Male Designs- Bad To The Bone- Full Set … it’s the makeup across the top of my face (a bit like a painted mask) and the lip colour.

* [KOOQLA] Bisquit mk (light) eye shadow … made by Rocketta Haven. It is a KOOQLA group gift.

* Madrid Solo- Lying Eyes- Dark Red eye liner … purchased in February 2014.

* classic gen4 – early frost – large bright eyes … made by Lano Ling (Poetic Colors).

* ::c.A.:: Jaya *Black star* lingerie made by YukaChoco Magic. NEW.
Jaya *Black star* Bra
Jaya *Black star* Panties
The Jaya bra and panties set is available at The Gallery Gift Shop through until March 14th at a 20% discount on the price it will be in the Chocolate Atelier store after that date. There are eight colours to choose from and each set also includes Lolas Tango and Phat/Cute Azz applies if you are so inclined. 😀

* Tattoo – :: For You :: Coca & Wolf :: Undershirt … available as a Valentine’s Day freebie on Second Life MarketPlace. NEW.
* Tattoo – sunburst belly button by Rhiannon Boronski (Primal Art) purchased in March 2011.

* OrsiniSun Stone Spirit Bangle L and R … part of the Stone Spirit outfit. NEW.

* Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Casual … aka Slink Mesh Hands. Made by Siddean Munro – how did we manage in Second Life before these beauties came along?

* Nailpolish-Applier-HUD for use with Slink Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet&Hands by Anjali Insoo (Nine Inch Nails).
I’m wearing a tone from nine inch nails – FINGER-HUD fades bigpack1.

* Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Metal Snake XS … purchased at the current round of Collabor88. I love them! NEW.

Below is a list of props that I used in the picture. I had to attach each of them to my avatar body and then edit them into position as the Auto-Return time at Virtual Decay is a mere two minutes.

Tintable Grass for Alles 2 … made for me by long-time Second Life friend, Jasmine Lisle. I have had it since August 2010. Jasmine has a store on MarketPlace and you can find similar goodies here, like Wildflower patches, raindrops and falling spiders. But I think my favorite is her Storm In A Teacup!!

Picnic fish DU5,ltd (low LI)


=Sloppy Seconds= Ghetto Broken Pay Phone

-LaViere- Fake Plastic Crown Silver … purchased on MarketPlace in May 2013.

floorplan. driftwood clock gatcha / plain

Goddess Fire Right Hand

The pose I used is Ma Vie. – Rock Chic 09 … made by Mavi Beck. It’s part of a Rock Chic set that she has recently released. NEW.

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