Grote Zus en Mij

Grote Zus en Mij

My little Sis

Grote Zus en Mij (Big Sister and Me – aka Kynne and Alles) bootscooted over to the Virtual Decay SIM a couple of days ago to shoot some pictures whilst wearing the new Untouchables outfit from GizzA Creations and cute hair from LaViere.

Virtual Decay is described as being thus, a “realistic, grunge, vintage industrial and post-apocalyptic” environment which means that it looks like an American inner-city neighbourhood – somewhat broken down and dirty, if I’m allowed to say that. And with no nice cops in sight, it’s the kinda place that two girls wearing elf ears just need to be a bit extra careful. In case someone makes a grab for our ears, of course! Kynne and I wandered around a bit but this creepy spot with water over the road and signs warning of sharks and high tension wires stopped us in our tracks. I’m just glad that I had Big Sister with me so I could hold onto her strong right arm!! 😀

And this is what we are wearing:

Alles (aka Zusje)

-LaViere- momo/BlueTip hair … part of a freebie that you can get inworld or on MarketPlace. It is a fatpack of different coloured hair – ignore the fact it is described as a DEMO cos it’s more like a fully-fledged colour tester for the LaViere hairs.

– Glam Affair – Shironuri lashes 1 – azure

-Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – azure

-Glam Affair – Mokatana – Artic 06 A skin

Maitreya Vintage Collar – Seashell S/S+

GizzA – Strapless Top Size S

GizzA – Untouchables / Trousers -Tight Size S

Kynne (aka Grote Zus

Hair : Laviere – Momo – black tip (free for testing hair colours).

Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears

Lashes : Glam Affair –– Shironuri Lashes – 1 – coal

Skin and moles : Glam Affair – Mokatana – Europa 02A – (at C88)

Necklace : Glam Affair – Chainedlink necklace – black/silver (at C88)

Outfit : Gizza – Untouchables. Including trousers and gun holder. NEW.

Shoes : Glam Affair – Vanity Feet – Ballerina – Fabric

The props that I used in this shot were:

Shark Sign – Surfing At Your Risk made by Photon Pink

[TUFF] Small old boat with grass … made by Rya Nitely

Sculpted Sign – Electrocution – Bent made by Vikki Placebo of CARGO, purchased in June 2011.

I attached all of the props to myself as the Auto-Return time for rezzed objects in the SIM was only two minutes.

The couples pose we used is label motion :: Sweetness, which is made by Anne Dakun. We had to edit the pose a little bit as it is actually a F/M pose.


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