Sisters at Virtual Decay

Snap - Sisters at Virtual Decay

My little Sis

The top image here – which is what you’re seeing first of all if you have clicked through from Flickr or elsewhere on the Dolls and Demons blog – is actually a composite of three images that I shot in Second Life. I used two images to get both Kynne and the Electrocution sign into the one picture. Then having done that I merged the resulting two image composite with another image to retain parts of the scene that I had derendered earlier. And now looking at this seemingly final image above, I realise that I have to do that merging procedure again so I can “get back” a footpath/sidewalk that got derendered along the way while I was shooting. Oh well!!


The image that you see directly below was one of the very last snapshots that I did inworld and it was taken after Kynne had logged out of Second Life. You can now see the blue pose ball that she was standing on and further to the right of that ball, the Electrocution sign that I had added to the scene. I should point out that it is easier in those SIMs which have a longer period before Auto-Return kicks in – say 15 to 30 minutes – to actually rezz the object as this makes it easier to edit it into position than when it is attached to your avatar’s body.

Snapshot - With My Big Sister at Virtual Decay_110


The image that you see directly below here is the last snapshot that I took when Kynne was still logged in. So in order to get Kynne and the Electrocution sign together in the one image, I opened both of the raw pictures in Photoshop, copied the image above here which is sans Kynne and then added that as a New Layer above the Background Layer that contained Kynne. Then I made a Layer Mask on the top layer and using the basic brush tool, I “painted” black over the part of the image where Kynne had been standing and this revealed Kynne who was on the Background Layer. Alternatively I could have reversed the order of the layers, so that the image sans Kynne was the background and then painted black in the Layer Mask on the top layer to reveal the Electrocution sign, as the final result would have been exactly the same when the two layers were merged.

Snapshot - With My Big Sister at Virtual Decay_104


And lastly, this is a screenshot of the PSD file that I had open in Photoshop while I was using the brush tool to paint black on part of the upper layer in order to reveal Kynne. If you look closely at this image you can see the Layer Mask in the bottom right-hand corner of the screenshot – it’s the little white box next to the layer thumbnail, which has a black mark on it. And that black mark is the bit of the image that I was “painting” in order to reveal Kynne on the final image.

Screen Shot for Alles and Kynne (with Layer Mask & Kynne Partial)

Worn details Kynne (the big sis) :

Outfit : Gizza – Untouchables. Including trousers and gun holder.
Hair : Laviere – Momo – black tip (free for testing hair colors)
Skin and moles : Glam Affair – Mokatana – Europa 02A – (at C88)
Necklace : Glam Affair – Chainedlink necklace – black/silver (at C88)
Ears : Ears : Mandala – Fantasy Elf Ears
Lashes : Glam Affair –– Shironuri Lashes – 1 – coal
Ballerina’s : Glam Affair – Vanity Feet – Ballerina – Fabric
Pic taken at Virtual Decay

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