The Christmas Delivery

The Christmas Delivery

This picture is a slight tweak of the full-sized original that I submitted as my entry for the BOUDOIR Photo Contest for Christmas 2013. The contest entry was much smaller than this being only 851 pixels wide and 351 pixels high. Anyway, the story here was that I had sent Dorothy off to do the Christmas shopping and being the good girl that she is, she’s come back with a trolley full of Christmas goodies including some champagne for her dear Auntie Alles. The only problem is that I asked her to pick up a Christmas ham and she has come back with a cute little piglet and a Queen Pig in a cup. Oh well, I guess we will be eating lamb instead!!

Alles is wearing:

* Boudoir – Magic Christmas Snowglobe Dress – NEW.

Christmas shoppingcart … from Boudoir. NEW. It’s wearable too and you can pose in it as one of the presents if you like but here I rezzed it and used it as a prop.

!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: Queen] RARE made by Anya Ohmai – from The Arcade Gacha in June 2013

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