The (Almost) Christmas Pudding

The (Almost) Christmas Pudding

From Wikipedia:

It has its origins in medieval England, and is sometimes known as plum pudding or Christmas Pudding or just “pud”, though this can also refer to other kinds of boiled pudding involving dried fruit. Despite the name “plum pudding,” the pudding contains no actual plums due to the pre-Victorian use of the word “plums” as a term for raisins. The pudding is composed of many dried fruits and is held together by egg and suet, sometimes moistened by treacle or molasses. Also, flavoured with cinnmon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, and other spices. The pudding is aged for a month or even a year. It can age for a long time because it has so much alcohol in it, it never spoils.

And here’s an awesome recipe that I found for making an authentic Christmas pudding:–0

Anyway, this is Alles with a bagged Christmas pudding on her head … yummy!!

Fashion details are as follows:

* [AD group gift] Choking at Christmas hat … NEW
AD Creations made by Aliza Karu.

* _MY UGLYDOROTHY -Baby Doll Shape … but edited by me. This was purchased at DU5 in October 2013 (see Picks for Sopha Portal for the store location).

* KOOQLA Queens(Red) (dark brows) skin … this was purchased at DU5 in October 2013.

* BB – Santarina XS … made by Milo Bubble (it’s the dotty red dress!).
NEW – available now at the Frost Fair.

[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Hand (L)
[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Hand (R)
[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Wrist joint (L)
[NeurolaB Inc.] EV3 ANDROID Wrist joint (R)

Picture was shot in The Wastelands but I did derender some of the background.

The pose I used was MorPhinE – Careful with the moon … Set.1.2 – made by Hadaluna Daines (see her Profile Picks for the store location).


And here are some pictures of a Christmas pudding in a bag.

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