The Doll and Her Puppet

The Doll and Her Puppet

As Kynne said in her comment on my Flickr post, “I can’t believe how small you look!” And yes, more often than not she’s the little one!!

Which is why I decided to call this post, “The Doll and Her Puppet” cos I almost look like a toy in comparison to mon amie.

Both of us are wearing the NEW GizzA Creations outfit called Deathly Silence – I am in the cream outfit and Kynne is to the right of me in the black version. Yep she’s the person trying to tweak my lights!! ^^

We did this picture in the Black Kite SIM but I derendered all of the backdrop and then added some props of my own, like the Sharks May Be Present sign, the two pumpkins and the power pole on the far right of the picture.

Alles is wearing:

* =Zenith=Light Bulb HeadBand(Black)(RARE) made by Miffyhoi Rosca – NEW
[from a Gacha at The Willow Street Garden – I spent a fortune to get it!!]

* .:EMO-tions:. * fabienne* /black hair

* classic gen4 – early frost – large bright eyes made by Lano Ling (Poetic Colours).

* MIASNOW Lashes – CANDY 4 Drama – NEW

* -Glam Affair- Leah – Blood lips [purchased in April 2012 – from the Demoness of Lava set].

* -Glam Affair – Vera – Horror edition 05 C skin – NEW [purchased at Horrorfest].

* GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Outfit … available at the “If You Got It, Haunt It” event through until October 31st.
The bits that I was wearing included …
GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Upper Arm Fur L
GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Upper Arm Fur R
GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Skull Choker
GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Size XS (Dress)
GizzA – Deathly Silence – Alpha Cleavage 2
GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Cape (it’s the skulls on my shoulders)

* -DRD- demonhands made by Jaimy Hancroft – NEW [purchased at Horrorfest].

* Evil skull made by Precious Restless (it’s part of several outfits by Boudoir). I have it attached to my right hand as a “purse”?

* _MY UGLYDOROTHY -Baby Doll Shape – purchased at DU5 but tweaked by me.

Kynne is wearing :

* Dress and Skulls cape : Gizza – Deathly Silence [Black] NEW

* Hair : Lamb – Craft Spells – Milk

* Crown : GSpot – Raven-Nell Crown – Black (at Enchanted from November 1st)

* Mesh doll avatar : *Coco*_Doll – head 001V

The props are:

* Shark Sign on Post – Sharks may be present … made by Photon Pink.

* RO – PumpkinHead – Feeding Frenzy (a group gift at Remarkable Oblivion). NEW

* Power Pole 4 Section Angled … made by Dita Actor.

And we are on a pose by Del May : DM – Bunny magician … which was heavily modified for two female avatars.

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