Me and My Bright Ideas

Me and My Bright Ideas

In case you can’t tell, it’s the Halloween season in Second Life and Alles has embraced it with red eyes, red lips and demonic gloves – as one should!! 😀

I shot the raw image at a friend’s private SIM and this is what I am wearing:

* =Zenith=Light Bulb HeadBand(Black)(RARE) made by Miffyhoi Rosca – NEW
[from a Gacha at The Willow Street Garden – I spent a fortune to get it!!]

* .Olive. the Choking Birdcage – Just Leather made by naminaeko Resident
[I purchased this at DU5 aka Designers United 5 – now over].

* .:EMO-tions:. * fabienne* /black hair

* Del May – Red Planet Eyes S [purchased back in January 2011]

* MIASNOW Lashes – CANDY 4 Drama – NEW

* -Glam Affair- Leah – Blood lips [purchased in April 2012 – from the Demoness of Lava set].

* -Glam Affair – Vera – Horror edition 05 C skin – NEW [purchased at Horrorfest].

* GizzA – Deathly Silence [Cream] Cape … it’s the skulls on my shoulders.
These are from the Deathly Silence outfit which includes a skeleton hand attached to the side of the face and a skull choker as well as a full-length gown. And it’s NEW. [The cream outfit is available at the “If You Got It, Haunt It” event through until October 31st].

* -DRD- demonhands made by Jaimy Hancroft – NEW [purchased at Horrorfest].

* -DRD- Skeletonhands necklace made by Jaimy Hancroft – NEW [purchased at Horrorfest].

* *tentacio* killer purse made by May Tolsen – NEW [purchased at Perfect Wardrobe].

* _MY UGLYDOROTHY -Baby Doll Shape – purchased at DU5 but tweaked by me.

* ezura + Mummy Bride Set – NEW [purchased at Horrorfest]. I’m wearing the Top Shirt and the Bottom Pants, i.e. the underwear layer!

The prop I am using is :::WEG::: melted candle, which was made by Lucia Genesis. This is probably unavailable now given that World’s End Garden is now closed.

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