Ladybug – Dressing the *COCO*_Doll


Ladybug Credits :
Ladybug outfit, including dress, hat and kneehigh boots : Boudoir (new)
Hair : D!va – Tina (type A) – Cat’s Eye
Mesh doll avi : *Coco*_Doll – head 001V
Pic taken at ‘Moving Islands, The Cosmogony of Rafts and other improbable floating beings’

Dressing the *COCO*_Doll

I have had a few people contact me and ask me how I manage to dress my doll avatar in so many different styles, because for them hardly any clothing fits. So I decided to do a blog post about it.

First of all, I have to say : most clothing does not fit my dolly either. The *COCO*_Dolls are mesh and the shape can’t be modified.

There are some good brands out there, whose XS or XXS size mesh clothing comes very close to fitting the doll.
Always check the demo first. I must have tried on thousands by now.

And of course, cocoro Lemon, of *COCO*_Doll has a range of really beautiful, perfectly fitting mesh clothing, with a few good basics like the bodysuits or the slipon dresses.

Corsets : most corsets don’t fit because of the doll’s shape. She is ‘pear’ shaped, with wide hips, a child’s bust with nipples placed high on her torso. This means that the nipples are always showing above the corset line. What I usually do is wear long hair to cover up.

Or, in the case of Boudoir corsets, some have added trimming. That trimming covers up pretty well, so the doll can wear a lot of Boudoir’s designs.

Hips : In nearly all my pictures I take off the ‘lower body’ of the doll. Because her hips are wide, they would show in size XS clothes. You have to wear the smallest size available and even that is mostly too wide at the shoulders or the bust. But that size is too small for the waist and the hips. And that you can correct simply by NOT wearing her lower body.

Long dresses or pants : the same goes for narrow long dresses : Dolly can wear them if you take off the lower body, and in this case, the legs as well. Shoes can then pose a problem. I solve that by wearing boots or ankle boots.

Shoes : Not so easy. Mesh boots or ankle boots are a simple solution. Pumps are much harder, you need shoes with a foot but the result is usually not great, you can always tell where the human foot is joined to the doll’s avatar. That is something you can easily correct in Photoshop on the photos but for running around in Second Life I choose boots or bare feet.

Lashes : my Dolly never goes out without her lashes. Always the Glam Affair eyeliner n°2, which to me is the basis. Very often I add another pair for a full effect. Once edited for the doll, I save a pair, and rename it.

Eyes : you don’t have to wear the dolls eyes. Personally i did not like those so much, because they don’t move. You can wear mesh eyes, but they need to be modifyable. I always wear Poetic Eyes by Lano Ling. You have to move them down into your eye sockets, and i make them a little smaller. They never quite fit perfectly. Sometimes they seem to be popping out of my head. But for pics, they work just great, and they make the doll look more alive.

Photos : I admit that in my pictures of Dolly, I correct a lot in Photoshop. Sometimes I blend two or more pictures. For instance, I take two pictures, one with the dress and one without, or one with the dress and one with the dress but without upper body.

Then I take both pictures in Photoshop and ‘blend’ the two pictures. One picture will be my base. In the other picture I remove the pieces I want corrected and ‘paste’ them onto the base picture. With the eraser tool, I remove what is too much. And I then end up with the best of two pictures.

Here, as an example, 2 raws i used as the basis for the final Ladybug pic :

Ladybug dolly

Ladybug human plus DOF

At times, I have even taken it a step further. The doll can’t wear any of the Second Life clothing layers. But in some designs you can’t do without them. What I did was one picture of the doll avatar wearing all the layers and attachments, but also the doll’s alpha layer. For the second picture, I took off the doll’s alpha, and her upper body, so that the human avatar wearing the top clothing layer was visible. Then I blended the two pictures in Photoshop and the result looked totally natural.

I will try to mention in my blog post when an outfit really does not fit the doll, or is simply unwearable because of clothing layers. Because I don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.


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