Steampunk Fairy

Steampunk Fairy raw

Steampunk Fairy – Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct
All info on the Fantasy Gacha blog :
Hood : Cellar Door – The witches familiar hood – commons (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct)
Goggles : Yasum – Steampunk Headset female – rare (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival Oct)
Steampunk Fairy : Decadent Courtesan presents Rivendale’s ‘Tesla Faeries’ – petite – gold – rare (Fantasy Gacha)
Steam punk meets high fantasy in the world of Riven. These lovelies are shiny and distracting and the faeries are proud to be just that. There are a variety of colors to appeal to every taste and the rares are sure to drop jaws.There are three levels for the Biggie gatcha and two for the petite. Biggies can randomly draw to receive still versions, animated versions, or the ultra rare versions that are both animated and have a texture changing menu. Petites get the still versions from their random draws and their rares also have the texture changing menu.
Mesh doll avi : *Coco*_Doll – head 001V

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