From Raw to Half-Cooked

In the Making - Raw to Half-Cooked

This is a composite image that I made by combining three raw captures from Second Life and then tweaking the final result via the Noise Distortion filter effect in Photoshop using the Filter Forge plug-in.

Whilst doing the Noise Distortion I tried various modes of that effect until I settled on one that I liked and then rendered that effect in Photoshop. However as the render was applied to Layer One of a PSD file, I was then able to erase the distortion effect from the snake and myself and then merge the layers to create the “final” PNG file. Well, the file that I will use as the base image for the fully cooked version of “Alles and Her Creeps” that is still to come on Flickr.

And this is what this image looked like before the Noise Distortion effect was applied but after the three raw captures were merged to produce it.

Snapshot - No Shortage of Dates_Three Layers Merged

In merging three captures from Second Life, I took one that I had applied a shallow Depth of Field to and another in which Depth of Field hadn’t been turned on. That way I was able to blend two images and have my body, the snake and the upper body parts of both The Tin Woodman and The Scarecrow quite sharp. I then realised I preferred the capture in which I had derendered two chairs,so I merged that image with the composite of the sharp focus and shallow focus images. Et voila – the merger of three captures as you see immediately above.

On final thing. I took this picture in a SIM where I have rezz rights so I was able to rezz a pose stand to stand on and also rezz the The Tin Woodman and The Scarecrow. If you are in a No-Rezz SIM you can still attach items to yourself which is what I would have done if I couldn’t rezz the mannequins here.

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