Super Friends

Super Friends

Alles is Batgirl and she is wearing :
Batgirl outfit : Boudoir (mesh corset, short cloak, long bat coat, gloves, satin mini skirt, latex leggings and mesh boots – which can’t be seen).
Skin – *League* Taylor Pale -BloodRed- Frex
Hair – MINA Hair – Kat (it’s the hair and the mask)
Earrings – Sirkie Earrings from the Hyatt Clearance Sale
Necklace – *CentoPallini* KEY NECKLACE Gold

I am Supergirl
Supergirl outfit : Boudoir.
Hair : Magika – Rewind
Skin : Glam Affair – Margot – America 04

Pic taken in Small Town Green

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