Under the Neva River Sun

Under the Neva River Sun

I was going to call this picture “Under Aliza’s Hat”, cos after all her big Roses hat is a very prominent part of the picture and a major part of what I am wearing as well. But then I looked at the whole scene again and realised that an homage to Neva River was probably more in order. But I should mention that Kynne and I do really, really love the new Roses white outfit from [AD] Creations … it’s just fabulous!! ^^

Alles is wearing the following:

**Dura-Girl**14(Black resize) – ladys hair

*League* Skin Pale -Misty- Wrecked Hair

Sirkie Earrings from the HYATT Clearance Sale

[AD] Roses mega hat and [AD] Roses bra – from the [AD] Roses white mesh dress 700

Slink Mesh Hand Fist L and Slink Mesh Hand Elegant R

Sirkie Earrings from the HYATT Clearance Sale

*GF*[Mesh] Frill Bikini bottom -white-[S] made by Cerberus Noel of *GField*

N-core POISON “Noir Intense” Shoes

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