Walking With My Red Balloon

Walking With My Red Balloon

I really love being a doll in Second Life … there’s just something so carefree about having ball joints and a detachable head, arms and legs I guess! Not to mention that you can even remove your midriff as well! But getting clothes to fit you can be a right pain, so I am glad to report that The Mood Dress from DRIFT actually works well with the DollCoco shape – well, a lot better than many other outfits that have been made for human avatars. I loved wearing it in the shoot and want to wear it elsewhere too!! ^^

Alles is wearing:


“”D!va”” Hair “Mayumi3” (Type B)(Onyx) … I bought it at COLLABOR88

HYATT Quirelle Silver Earrings

DRIFT Mood Dress [MESH] Hopeful (XXS cos I am a doll but even then, I had to detach my lower body)

Sooo Spring Dress! – two butterfly headpieces which were edited into position

Balloon (wear) – made by Clementine Whitt

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